Founded in 2013 with the expectation of bringing a new look to modern brides, Cee’s Bridal is a contemporary bridal wear brand with feature of simplicity yet sophistication.

Our designs are updated with bridal trends of the world and variation in high quality materials and silhouettes, which offers wide options for brides to reflect their own images in the wedding day.

Cee’s Bridal believes a modern bride is a woman who knows best what she wants, what is her expectation and goals for life. And their wedding day is the great landmark of maturity of both inner and outer beauty in their life journey.

Cee’s Bridal specializes in designing & leasing gowns for brides and also aims to provide customers with professional experiences in services market. In the near future, Cee’s Bridal endeavours to become the best middle-end bridal wear brand in Ho Chi Minh City.


Cee’s Bridal is an in-house production brand, which means our process (product design, operation, marketing, sales, content…) is built up by an in-house team. Our team members are the ones who take interest in start-up & wedding and willing to experience & spread out creative spirit to every product.

Our value – Team’s culture

Reflect who we are & what we stand for as a team


Always appreaciate all thoughts, opinions, differences, be willing to hear and share ideas. (Start a conversation with “excuse me” & with a “thank-you” smile)


Think positive, do positive and talk positive (things). Good inspiration leads to a creative spirit all the time.

Check & Check

“Check it once, then check it twice”, do everything with careful & delicate mind. Practising makes perfection, and so does checking


We all believe that trends come from lifestyle & demand. From time to time, new demands were born & create new tendencies all over the world, which naturally inspire many aspects of life, production & especially fashion design.
Thus, customers’ awareness has also changed in terms of modern lifestyle. That’s why they desire better suppliers which fit their current lifestyle: simplicity yet still sophistication.
Besides, in Vietnamese wedding market, there are not any hand-crafted bridal brand for middle-end segment, which satisfies the demand as mentioned above. Therefore, Cee’s Bridal see the potentials of this special segment and adapt designs to it.


Launching new product line: NEW WHITE

To elevate the aspect of bringing the modern beauty, Cee’s Bridal has launched a new line of product in 2017: New White – meeting the costume need of brides in other occasions of preparation for the wedding (Pre-wedding, engagement, bachelorette party, after-party,…)

The modern line of product with the affordable price is designed to embrace the most comfy feeling yet still be in the updated trends so the brides could create their own styles and images. The product line is expected to bring a new value to the current bridal market.

“The One" is the definition of truly you.

Cee’s Bridal support brides to find the perfect wedding gown by offering wide options & inspiring brides proud to be themselves.

Style over bride

The brides are the most unique and beautiful in their own way over any prejudice.