CBVE-67 | Belladonna Floral Cathedral Drop Veil | Blusher


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Mô tả

Belladonna Floral Cathedral Drop Veil | Blusher with an extraordinarily intricate floral lace border and cathedral-length tulle allowing you to carry your bouquet underneath it. The second layer can be worn over the face or behind the head showcasing a breath-taking look. Blusher is 90cm long unless a shorter veil is selected or you request a shorter/longer length.

This item is part of Exclusive Veil Collection in artisan-made accessories, upon order just for you (MTO).

• Material | Nylon tulle, metal comb, dry clean
• Color | White / Ivory
• Dimensions | Width: 2.2m; Length: 3.6m (excluding hair comb to the front edge : 90cm)

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Trọng lượng 0,5 kg
Kích thước 30 × 23 × 7 cm
Màu sắc

Ivory, White