CEE’S DIARY | No.3 | Exploring the world with you, it means fearless (English Ver.)

Have you ever dreamed of waking up in a far-away country with your loved one and exploring a new country just the way it is?
Have you ever thought that you would celebrate your wedding ceremony in such a way beyond custom more than in advance?

Modern brides like travelling and use their vacation to celebrate their wedding as well. They also relax and let spontaneity lead them to unexpected wedding gown (of course in a positive way). And this is how they figure out their truly gown and the style they love for their big day.

Like the way Justyna found us. Justyna and her husband, Igor, travelled to Vietnam together and they found us by chance through a social group. They chose a minimal gown, and the gown after being completed would be sent to England, their hometown, 2 months before their wedding ceremony. It’s really our pleasure to accompany with Justyna in her finding-her-truly-gown journey. The way Justyna and her husband discuss with each other when facing some unexpected situations or how tenderly Igor looks at Justyna in her truly gown & takes a picture for her makes us feel warm as well.

Bride Justyna, Photo | Joan Joanna Galuszka (Lovemotions)

Then we met Shir. Shir is an Israelis and she has travelled so far from her hometown and made her wedding ceremony unforgettable. She met us at our showroom following an appointment, just right after her flight to Ho Chi Minh City, because she intended to go to Hoi An ancient town the next day. Shir likes a gown on our website, but plenty of thoughts still came to her mind during the time she was choosing her gown, as choosing a gown at Hoi An is more convenient for her schedule. After discussing with her sister via facetime, Shir asked us to have her 5 minutes thinking. Well, every bride has to take many things into consideration when they choose their gown for their big day and so did Shir. She talked with her husband-to-be, then smiled and decided to pick the gown. Her truly gown is also the first gown she fitted when she came to us. This story reminds us of a sentence “Save the best for the last”, but we want to adjust this sentence a little bit for Shir “Save the best for the first”.

Travelholic brides consider mostly fabric and silhouette of the gown. They also focus on convenience of their gown because it needs to be comfortable for movement. These brides know themselves, so they usually quickly and determinedly come to final decision. They have no any hesitation to pick up their favorite gown when they know it’s their “the one”. All they need is what makes them gorgeous and emphasizes their natural beauty but not so overwhelming.

Edina, in her trip to Vietnam, has found us and we all together figured her best choice, and then customized some details to fit her body. After many times flying back and forth between Vietnam and Thailand, a place in which she’s staying & working, she finally came to her big day and also sent us some photographs of her ceremony. All touching moments and broad smiles at her wedding in Spain really inspire us.

Destiny knows how to drive people do something so strange that they’ve never thought they would. And it does the same for your wedding gown. Sometimes you may feel hesitant with your choice, but don’t worry! If it’s your truly gown, it will find you. You choose it because it’s been waiting for you and through it, you define your lifestyle and your own beauty. It’s meant to be your truly one.

No matter where you are or what you’re doing, you will always find your inner happiness when you’re with who you love. Open-minded brides, who dare to love and to live to the maximum level, are willing to explore new aspects of the world, experience new challenges and chase real intimacy for their relationship. When you know yourself, you’ll strive to improve yourself and become the best version of you for the one who deserves to grow up and old with you.

You will always be on your road to paradise on earth – paradise of lovers. 

Because you just need to be who you are, truly things will find their way to be truly yours.

Bride Edina, Photo | Wondeer (Wondeerwedding)


Truly you, truly yours.

Cee's diary
September 25, 2018
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